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Following the consultation process that closed on 31st January 2019 the Governing Body have determined their admission arrangements for 2020/21. The full policy can be found below.

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We will be making a temporary increase to our PAN for the 2019/2020 academic year and will be admitting 185 to Year 7.

The area served by the college is divided into an inner and an outer catchment area. 140 (75%) of the available places will be allocated to applicants living in the inner area and 45 (25%) to applicants living in the outer area.

In order to ensure that the intake to the college represents the full range of ability, the College will use pupil banding as part of its admissions arrangements if the college is oversubscribed. Banding will be applied separately to both the inner and outer catchment areas and the same test will be used to assess a pupil's ability. Other than to determine the ability band into which a pupil will be placed, the assessment of a pupil’s ability plays no other part in the admission arrangements for Bacon’s College.

All applications received will be considered on an ‘equal preference’ basis.

Oversubscription criteria
If there are more applicants than the number of places available the following oversubscription criteria will be applied. The applicants within each part of the catchment area will be placed in one of 5 ability bands according to their test scores, including those with a Statement of Special Needs that names the academy. After places have been allocated to children with a Statement of Special Educational Need that names Bacon’s College, places within each band will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  • Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children
  • Random allocation within each ability band. This process will be supervised by a person independent of the College

If places become vacant in a band, for example, because parents accept offers of places at other schools, and no applicants in those bands remain without a place, they will be evenly filled (by random allocation) by children falling into the next nearest bands (ie the bands on either side, or below or above, if the first child is selected by random allocation from the band above, the next will be selected by random allocation from the band below.)

In the event that any places remain unfilled in either the inner or outer catchment areas, these places will be allocated to the other area using the same banding and random allocation procedure.

Late applications will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures set down by Southwark LA within the Pan-London Co-ordinated scheme.


Admissions Appeals

Arrangements for appeals panels

Parents will have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel if they are dissatisfied with an admission decision of Bacon’s College.

The Appeal Panel will be independent of Bacon’s College. The arrangements for appeals will be in line with the Code of Practice on School Admission Appeals published by the Department for Education and Skills as it applies to Foundation and Voluntary Aided schools. The determination of the appeal panel will be made in accordance with the Code of Practice on School Admission Appeals and is binding on all parties. The College will provide parents of all unsuccessful applicants with guidance about how the appeals process will work and provide parents with a named contact who can answer any enquiries parents may have about the process.

Full policy
A copy of the full Admissions Policy is available below and a hard copy can be requested. Please contact the College for further information.

Appeals Letter 2019

Appeals Form 2019

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Catchment map 2018 - 2019

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