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As part of the United Learning Multi-Academy Trust, our shared aim is to provide an excellent education for all our students, which brings out the best in all of them and prepares them for success in life.

Hundreds of United Learning teachers and leaders have been involved in developing the United Learning Curriculum as a core academic curriculum based on these key principles:


We believe that all children have right to learn what is in the United Learning Curriculum; schools have a duty to ensure that all children are taught the whole of it.


We want all students to achieve a full understanding of the knowledge specified in the Curriculum for each year or Key Stage, and teaching should not move on until this is achieved.


We won't constantly amend the Curriculum: while we should make occasional adjustments in the light of feedback and experience, we will aim for stability over many years, so that teachers can develop expertise, and we constantly build assessments and teaching materials to support.

Concepts not context

The Curriculum is intended as a concise specification of knowledge and content to be taught and learned; it is for schools and teachers to decide how to teach and bring it to life.

As with all United Learning Schools, our curriculum is characterised by defining the essential teaching and learning that each subject should cover in a given year group and expressing the outcomes of that learning through assessment measures known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  However, it's important to be clear that KPIs are not the things that are to be taught. It's the curriculum content that is taught and the KPIs are the means by which we measure achievement of the content. 

Periodic assessment of the KPIs means our focus is on what has and hasn't been learnt in each subject and, from this evidence, we shape our teaching and delivery more precisely to reteach, extend or move on appropriately. KPIs are assigned to a subject and a year group and make it possible to define age related subject expectations. 

Key Stage 3 Overview

Key Stage 4 Overview

Key Stage 5 Overview

Click here to download the full Curriculum and Teaching & Learning document.

Curriculum Overview By Subject 2021-22

Business Studies Dance Drama
Economics English Language & English Literature Fine Art
Geography Graphics, Product Design, Textiles & Food History
IT & Computer Science Maths & Further Maths Media Studies
French & Spanish Music PE
PSHE & RSE Psychology RE
Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) Sociology  

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please download our curriculum booklet here.

Further information about the United Learning Curriculum can be found here.

You can also contact the main College reception on 020 7237 1928 if you have further questions.


Providing an Accessible Curriculum For All

Bacon’s College is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, irrespective of special need or disability. This Plan operates alongside the school’s SEND policy and is consistent with it in terms of principles and approaches to resourcing.

Bacon’s College will:

  • Ensure the curriculum is differentiated to meet the learning needs of students with SEN and disabilities and that target setting is effective and appropriate for these students.
  • Make available the written material usually provided to all students, in an appropriately presented form where necessary, to SEN & disabled students, including pictorial and oral formats and also to ensure that the learning environment is planned to maximise learning opportunities.
  • Manage and improve the physical environment of the school buildings and grounds to meet the needs of a range of disabled students currently on roll and prospective students.
  • Ensure that arrangements for the movement of students with SEN or restricted mobility are not hampered by the physical environment of the academy with adjustments being made where appropriate.
  • Have a clear measures in place to ensure the safe and respectful evacuation of students with SEN/restricted mobility from the academy buildings in the event of an emergency.
  • Establish a culture of mutual trust and respect between all members of the academy community. 
  • Build a community that respects the celebration of achievement at all levels

Our Accessibility Plan can be found on our Policies page here.