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PSHE Curriculum

PSHE - Personal Wellbeing Programme (PSHE & SRE)

Our PSHE provision is recognised as best practice by the Local Authority and the School Nursing service and numerous external providers.

All PSHE is delivered through workshops, tutorial lessons and conference days and focuses on issues of concern for young people today. All students – from Yr 7 – 13 are involved at some stage during the academic year with the programme and engage in thinking about topics such as gang culture, grooming and radicalisation, drug and alcohol education, issues to do with culture and identify, the impact of transition, keeping young men and woman safe physically, within relationships and on-line.  Throughout all PSHE work, the safeguarding of our students is paramount with students being signposted to additional support when necessary.  Encouraging our students to support each other is also central to the safeguarding dimension of this work.

The work of PSHE is supported by the school nurse and specialist PSHE agencies from within Southwark and beyond.

Curriculum Outline

Year 7

Each student in Year 7 will cover the topics below during tutor lessons and during the PSHE Workshops:

  • Changing from primary to secondary school
  • Puberty and growing up
  • How to talk about myself
  • Staying healthy
  • Safety online – the rules and how to recognise situations that might lead to harm.

Year 8

Changes and Choices Programme

These workshops are  focused on teenage use and misuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as the meaning of ‘experimentation’.   Other topics explored are fatal crime, grooming and gangs,  the issue of online safety and CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation). 

  • What a drug is
  • The reasons why people take drugs
  • Where people can go for drug and alcohol dependency support
  • The psychological meaning of drug and alcohol misuse
  • Gangs, ‘older students, grooming and bullying
  • Older students and how they try and get younger students involved in criminal or dangerous activity-scenarios and role plays.
  • Gangs and how they try and recruit - why would someone want to be groomed? Is this discussion already too late? How to stay safe.
  • Issues of grooming, gang rape, sexual criminal law and self-esteem are discussed.

Year 9


All Year 9 students attend the  Sex and Relationship Education Programme delivered by the PSHE coordinator, a specialist team of staff,  the school nurse and supported by Esteem, Metro and Straight Talking external agencies.

Topics covered include:

  • Sex and the law
  • Sexuality
  • Relationships and self confidence
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraception
  • Teenage pregnancy

Choices and Options

All Year 9 students explore together their link between academic success and the world of work.  During these workshops students think about subject choices for next year, the impact for the future and the importance of a ‘rounded’ education in order to be prepared adulthood; the importance of qualifications; the challenges of learning; Positive and negative images of education and social/economic impact on aspiration.

Life skills: helping students to identify the skills they have, the skills they might need for GCSE years and the world of work and being able to identify ‘transferable skills’. This will be considered in consultation with Assistant Head for Economic Wellbeing and the Economic Wellbeing Coordinator.

Year 10

Virtual Baby Programme

This course focuses on students learning about the reality and responsibility of being a parent. Students can nominate themselves for this course as there is a limit of 40 students who can take part. This programme will include the students taking the virtual baby home for the weekend.

  • Raising awareness of the responsibility and reality of parenthood.
  • To explore the social, emotional and practical aspects of parenting a child.

Gender Identity Programme: Being a Woman/ Being a Man

All students will take part in this programme and discuss the following issues

  • the effects of growing up on self esteem
  • work prospects
  • sexual health
  • capacity to deal with conflict

Responsibility to Self and Others

These workshops focus on the following

  • Being Aware of self
  • Being aware of others
  • Being a learner
  • Being a work-related learner

Year 11

Mindfulness and Stress Busting

These workshops introduce the basic tenets of meditation and mindfulness to enhance success or help overcome bars to success. Students can nominate themselves for this course although numbers are limited to 40 students.

  • How to construct a productive timetable
  • Dealing with exam performance
  • Dealing with stress and difficulty
  • Thinking about and preparing for next year: Who is the future you?
  • An anchor as a key to staying in the present.
  • Body scanning as a tool to staying connected at times of difficulty
  • Practicing Kindness as a way of overcoming blocked and negative thinking.

Year 12/13

Entering Adulthood     A Two Day PSHE & Emotional Wellbeing Conference

Over the course of two days students have the opportunity to work with external and internal professionals delivering in a conference format.  Workshops include the following

  • The world of work
  • Careers for the future
  • On-line safety
  • Race, culture and religious identity
  • Drugs and alcohol education
  • Emotions and relationships
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Working for an organisation