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Sparkx Young Film Makers - posted 21st Jul

Sparkx Young Film Makers

A group of students in years 8 & 9 saw the culmination of their 10 week film making project with 'Sparks Film & Media Arts' last week. They have been working on their own unique short films with Ms Ali which were premiered at the Brixton Ritzy. It was fantastic to see their hard work rewarded with their films being shown loud and proud on the big screen (and their behaviour there and back was exemplary).
The ideas for the films were mature and insightful and the technical execution hugely impressive for such young filmmakers. Well done to all of you!

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Lessons from Auschwitz Reflective by Grace Martin & Eva Price - posted 21st Jul

Holocaust Education Trust, Lessons from Auschwitz

Reflective by Grace Martin & Eva Price

I am incredibly grateful for the experience that the ‘Learning From Auschwitz’ project was able to provide me. I, myself, have familial connections to the Jewish experience of the holocaust, having come from a German Jewish family. Thus, before beginning my journey on the course I initially felt drawn to it to further educate myself on the ordeal of my ancestors. However, I had failed to wholly realise, until completing the course, the extent to which, in my education and my own understandings, I had become desensitised. For instance, we are constantly told ‘6 million’ and I never failed to acknowledge how great this number was, yet a number that large is almost impossible to comprehend on an individual scale. To me, this is a key reason why this course was so significant, it forces you to humanise the Holocaust as well as consider key, often overlooked questions such as:’ how do we qualify collaborators?’. Throughout the course this was a big and incredibly interesting question for me. Especially so after hearing a Janine’s incredibly shocking and moving testimony, I really took time in and out of our sessions to ponder this question as where do we draw the line and how do we forgive these people? I remember she told us about the Polish children who threatened to report her and her brother if they didn’t give up their winter coats, I wondered whether these children should be held accountable or if they are also victims. I also learnt things that I’d never been taught before. For instance, I learnt how Auschwitz-Birkenau wasn’t originally intended for Jews but polish POWs and also that there were two Auschwitz camps; ‘1’ and ‘2’. Geographically contextualising the camp was also very influential on my understanding of the Holocaust. I learnt about its importance as being in a very accessible or centralised position to the whole of Europe and about Oświęcim, a hugely significant town that I had never heard of before. But, it is also important to mention that I was able to better understand that we shouldn’t focus our discussions of the Holocaust just around Auschwitz. To me, as well, contemporary anti-Semitism is a big and growing issue. It often seems inherent in society but incredibly overlooked. Therefore, I greatly valued the course’s opportunity to centre Jewish voices and be able to hear directly not only the effects of anti-Semitism but how we might approach it now, in our own lives. I believe this is an immensely important discussion that should always be addressed – especially in relation to the holocaust. Anti-Semitism is, and has always been, incredibly reliant on conspiracies, rhetoric and covert prejudice. Therefore, I found it very powerful to hear from Janine, Kitty hart-Moxon and others about their lives prior to the ‘official’ commencement of the ‘final solution’ and how the discrimination seeped in. This is not only applicable to contemporary anti-Semitism but also Islamophobia and many other prejudices, for instance how Muslims have so often been demonised in our British tabloids. Being able to notice this now, based on survivor’s testimonies will hopefully ignite awareness and alertness within our society so that we can keep our promise for this to happen ‘Never Again’. I can’t express how valuable I found this whole experience and I feel that it is a crucial learning opportunity that everyone should try to partake in.

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Bacon's Unlocked - posted 16th Jul

Bacon's Unlocked was an amazing collection of our best singers, dancers, artists and musicians who worked extremely hard to put t and song, we explored creatively the impact that Covid has had on our lives and the journey back to living our lives to its fullest potential. We were also treated to a beautiful exhibition of some of the incredible art, design and textile work done by our students this year.

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Founder's Day 2021 - posted 9th Jul

Josiah Bacon, a leather merchant, born in the Parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, left provision in his will for a school in 1703. The school that was founded catered for between 40 and 60 poor boys whose parents were unable to provide for their education. It was free of charge and taught students to read English and do arithmetic, such that they were fit for a trade or to keep merchants’ books. Such skills were transformative for the poor and his legacy, based on Christian principles and a belief that social deprivation never equalled under-achievement, has continued to
the present day.
In its 316-year history, Bacon’s has seen much change. It has moved sites and changed its name and status. The old Bacon’s School was replaced by a City Technology College in 1991, and then became an academy in 2007. On 1st March 2018, Bacon’s was welcomed into the United Learning Trust group of academies and began the next chapter of its journey.
At every stage, the founding principles remain the same: a philosophy of high academic expectations and a strong ethos of care and compassion for all. Bacon’s approach is inclusive – welcoming students of all faiths and none. The College has a Church of England foundation, ensuring it adheres to Christian values and traditions, and values diversity and difference.


Sixth Form Student wins place at prestigious Laban School - posted 7th Jul

Congratulations to Olivia Stewart in year 12, who has gained a place to study on the CAT (Centre for Advanced Training) course at the Laban Dance Centre. She had to take part in 2 auditions with students coming from all over the London and surrounding area and the competition was fierce! This is the number one centre for contemporary dance in Europe and Olivia will study here every Saturday and some additional classes too. She will get to work with top professional choreographers and gets to use of the amazing facilities at Laban.

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Bacon's Unlocked - posted 5th Jul

We are delighted to announce that this year's Summer Show will be going ahead on Thursday 15th July.

The show features an exhibition of art and textiles which opens at 5:00pm and then the live event which includes dance, music and a fasion show starts at 6:00pm. This will be an amazing collection of our best singers, dancers, models, and musicians who have worked extremely hard to put the show together. The show takes the theme of "Unlocked" as we have explored creatively the impact that Covid has had on our lives and the journey back to living our lives to its fullest potential. We are hoping that parents, friends, and guests will come and join us celebrate the talents of our students in this event.

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Urban Planning Workshop - posted 29th Jun

On Wednesday Yr 10 & Yr 12 Geographers were involved in a workshop with our long standing partner Urban Plan.
Urban Plan is an educational programme set up to raise student awareness of how important regeneration and land use planning in a city can be to promote social cohesion and inclusion, community mindedness and an environmental understanding.
They are supported by British Land who are responsible for the re-development of Rotherhithe through the Canada Water Masterplan.


Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition to Westerham - posted 25th Jun

On Saturday 19th June, 13 intrepid adventurers headed out to the delights of the Westerham area of Kent to take part in a practise walk in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition. The young people traversed undulating hills, navigated dense woodland and strategically evaded curious sheep on their journey. Lunch was enjoyed while appreciating the stunning views and the grand family home and garden of Sir Winston Churchill was glimpsed through the trees while passing through Chartwell. The walk finished on the village green of Westerham where the young people (and Mr Bush) enjoyed a refreshing ice cream to end the venture.

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Reading Conversations - posted 24th Jun

The Year 12 English Class were delighted to welcome student ambassadors Ani and Fahima from King's College London for our fifth 'Reading Conversation'. Both English Literature students, they cheerfully shared their experiences of A-levels, reading, their course, and lockdown learning. It was wonderful to be able to discuss shared experiences and potential futures studying Literature at university. In many ways, this reading conversation was unique as the students could relate to the two undergraduates (they seemed a lot like us), which made for a very wholesome and heart-warming atmosphere. Ani and Fahima even equipped the year 12s with a list of recommended reads, ranging from 'Antigone' to 'Paradise Lost'. By the end, the students were eager to ask questions, with both ambassadors providing brilliant answers each time. It was truly a memorable experience, and we would like to further our discussions with our guests form King’s in the future.

Windrush Day

Windrush Day Reflection from Rev'd Nicky - posted 22nd Jun

National Windrush Day was introduced in June 2018, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Windrush Generation’s arrival in the UK.

Since then, National Windrush Day has been celebrated across the country every year on 22 June, to celebrate the incredible contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants to the UK.