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Bacon's College Careers Fair 2022

Our annual Careers Fair was another packed and exciting day with visitors from a variety of universities and colleges, plus guest speakers from a range of professions including law, medicine and architecture. Every year group had the opportunity to visit the Fair and students were given tasks to ensure they spoke to as many of the guests as possible.

Careers Fair Guest List

University of Greenwich 
St Mary's University 
City University 
Access Creative 
Big Creative Education 
Southwark College 
LMA (Art, Design & Film) 
Construction Youth 
Wardorf Hilton 
Catch 22
Kings College University
Education Development Trust -ASK Apprenticeships 
EPR Architects
What is a Doctor? What is a Lawyer?

Samantha Sykes
Ishani Rao (Doctor)
Sam Gorf (Med Student)
Paloma Rao (Barrister)
Anant Shah (Doctor)
Fast Stream Civil Service (LEAN)
University of the Creative Arts 

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