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Family Holidays in Term Time

Information on taking holidays/time off for students in term time:

Requests of Absence Parents are very strongly advised to avoid taking children out of College during term time.

However, if it is absolutely essential, a letter asking permission must be written to the Principal and handed in at least three weeks before the requested period of absence.

Retrospective approval will not be given. It is important to stress that, by law, it is the Principal’s decision whether a child is given permission to be off school. Permission will only be granted in very exceptional circumstances based on the individual facts of the case. The opportunity to save money by going on holiday during term time is not considered as being a justifiable reason.

If permission is granted it is for the Principal to determine the number of days a student can be away from school.

Please note: permission is unlikely to be granted to students where a student's attendance is less than 96% or when they will miss an important event such as a public examination or where there are concerns about the student’s work or behaviour.

Any leave of absence taken without the Principal’s approval will be deemed unauthorised and may result in a penalty notice.