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The Bacon's College Uniform, worn with pride by the students


A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students at Bacons College and we are very proud of the vast majority of our students who wear their uniform correctly and with considerable pride. We appreciate that students may wish to wear extra clothing in addition to their winter coats to and from school during these cold winter days, but these must be removed in the reception area and stowed in bags. Non-uniform items must not be worn in the building at any time. During the course of next week we will be checking, upon arrival, that every student’s uniform is correct and asking student to remove their additional items before they enter the main school building. Anyone arriving at school without all of their correct uniform may expect to be sent home to get changed or to collect the missing items. We continue to reserve the right to confiscate any non-uniform.

Jewellery (other than small simple stud earrings of no more than 5mm in diameter) is not permitted in school. School studs in silver and gold are available to buy for £1.00 in the HOY office. Wrist watches are permitted.

Neck Chains: Prohibited / not allowed.

Rings: Prohibited / not allowed.

Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school.

Coats and outdoor clothing may not be worn in school. Denim jackets and hooded tops should not be worn anywhere on school premises. Such items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the week.

Make-up may only be worn if it is discrete, anyone seen wearing too much will be asked to remove it immediately. Face and hand painting is strictly forbidden.

Head Scarves: must be black or navy without decoration worn for religious purposes only.

Headbands must be black and plain, with no adornments or embellishments.

Shoes: must be black. Absolutely no trainers. If you are in any doubt as to whether a piece of footwear might be considered a trainer - don't send your children to school in it. Trainers will be confiscated. Pumps or plimsolls are NOT shoes. Any student wearing trainers to College will be expected to wear school plimsolls, which we have purchased for this purpose, unless they have a doctor’s letter explaining why they cannot wear shoes.

Sweatshirts: Bacon's College branded sweatshirts must only be worn as part of the Bacon's College PE kit.

Ties: Students must wear their shirt with their top button fastened and their tie worn properly with no slack above the knot. We expect there to be at least 8 stripes on the tie below the knot.

Mobile phones, music players and headphones: must not be visible within the building. If we see such items they will be confiscated. All such items are brought to College at the students own risk and must remain out of sight at any point past the outer Reception doors. We strongly recommend that expensive items are not brought to school.

Your support has been, and remains essential to securing the excellent standards of uniform and behaviour that we are proud of at Bacon’s College.


Where to buy the Bacon's College school uniform

Bacon's College school uniform can be purchased from Whitehall Clothiers Camberwell.
020 7703 3604

Click here to view the website.

Replacement ties can be purchased from the College's Reception and cost £5.


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  Girls' uniform with the Summer Dress   

GirlsUniform Kilt

     Girls' uniform with the Bacon's Kilt


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                     Boys' uniform


 House Ties

     Bacon's College house coloured tie