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COVID-19 Safeguarding, Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Safeguarding and Pastoral Care

We are very aware that this is a very stressful and worrying time for everyone. This crisis means that our students are having to work at home remotely, away from the support of their teachers and school staff. They are also not with friends with whom they chat and play each day and don’t have access to all the activities offered in school which support them to remain fit, active and in good physical and mental health.
We understand that students and their families might be under increased pressure during this time and so we here at Bacon’s are keen to offer as much support as possible to students and families while our students are working remotely at home.

Keeping in touch with the College

  • Form Tutors remain the primary point of contact for your child at the College – please make sure you email them if you have any inquiries or issues
  • Your Form Tutors will be in contact with you at least once a week by email to check on your wellbeing and to ensure that you are completing work set by teachers
  • Your Form Tutors will record and resolve as many issues and problems as possible and will discuss your progress each week with your Head of Year
  • Your Head of Year will also be in touch with students if there are particular issues that need to be addressed with individual students
  • Heads of Year can be contacted by parents during school hours on a school mobile number (found below) – they will help address any issues parents have regarding accessing work or related to your child’s wellbeing
  • Other members of the extended pastoral team might also contact you by phone or email – this is to ensure we are keeping in touch with all students and addressing any concerns or issues they might have

Key Safeguarding and Pastoral Care contact numbers:

  • Emma Hassan, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Child Protection Officer - 07706002677
  • Yen Le, Head of Year 7 - 07526204133
  • Alex Peppitt, Head of Year 8 - 07526204128
  • Grace Galvin, Acting Head of Year 9 - 07526204125
  • Moses Alemu, Head of Year 10 - 07526204122
  • Taiwo Lijoka, Head of Year 11 - 07526204114
  • Beth Davies, Head of 6th Form - 07526204148


  • The safeguarding team are available every day to deal with any safeguarding issues as they arise. Please email safeguarding@baconscollege.co.uk if you need to communicate directly with the safeguarding team.


  • If any student is concerned about any issue, they can contact the Safeguarding team directly and confidentially through the Tootoot app – this can be downloaded onto mobile phones. All students have been provided with a login and passcode so they can login securely.

Counselling Service

We are mindful that many students are anxious and scared for their family and friends during this crisis. We also know that other worries remain and don’t just disappear because you are not at school. It is possible that during this crisis, anxieties and worries increase and can feel overwhelming unless spoken about and shared with someone else.

  • We encourage all our students to talk to their parents and families to get their support if they are struggling emotionally during this time.
  • Our counselling team is continuing to offer counselling to students throughout this crisis; if this is something you feel your child would benefit from, please email counselling@baconscollege.co.uk; the Head of Counselling, Stefania Williams will get back to you as soon as possible.

Worship and Chaplaincy 

Prayer and reflection are key to our daily routines at Bacon’s. We have whole College and year group assemblies every week and every day we share a ‘Thought for the Day’. We want to continue to offer the opportunity for students and families to take the time each day to stop and reflect for a few moments together.

  • Rev. Nicky Teverson, our College Chaplain, will be providing regular prayers and reflective materials to support our spiritual life; please take a few moments each day to tune in and reflect together through Show My Homework.
  • We will also provide additional spiritual and reflective material to offer substance during this time
  • Rev. Nicky is also available via email if you would like to contact her to discuss anything that is on your mind. Her email is n.teverson@baconscollege.co.uk

Wellbeing and Enrichment Programme

We have put in place a series of additional resources and materials around fitness, reading, enrichment and helping to maintain good mental and emotional health during this time. Please make sure you take a good look at what is on offer from our PE team and other networks that we work with.

Our Personal Wellbeing and Enrichment interactive PDF guide can be found by the 'What Do You Want to Do Today?' banner below.

The guide is packed with excellent self-care resources from top mental health institutions, exciting enrichment opportunities across the internet, and games and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Tapping any of the icons through the document will take you through to each resource.



We have also produced an interactive PDF guide for parents and carers providing links to a wealth of resources to help support your children and yourselves during this time. You can access this by clicking the 'Help and Advice for Parents and Carers' banner below.

 Help and Advice for Parents and Carers


Finally, we have produced an interactive PDF guide for education staff, again providing links to resources to help support the wellbeing of children in education as well as staff themselves. This can be accessed by clicking the 'Help and Advice for Education Staff' banner below.

Help and Advice for Education Staff

We hope these guides provide some help and entertainment during this period.

Careers Guidance

We are very aware that our Year 11 and 13 students are due to complete their GCSE and A Level courses respectively and possibly leave the College at the end of this academic year. While many students are very clear about their future careers pathway and have applied to Colleges and Universities, some are still unsure about their futures and will need independent help and guidance.

  • Our careers advisor, Yvonne Levenefearnside will continue to provide one-2-one appointments via Skype. These appointments will be aimed at Year 11, 12 and 13 in the first instance. Ms Levenefearnside will be supported by Ms Burgess who can also make appointments for students. Please email careers@baconscollege.co.uk to book this.
  • There are many online work related opportunities available during these times – including online work experience. Now is a really good time to browse our Careers and Work Related Studies section to see what is out there. Do sign up especially for those Easter holiday opportunities.

Most of all keep safe, look after yourselves and your families and make sure you follow all the guidance from the Government about keeping healthy.

And remember that while school is physically closed, we are here to support you throughout this time.

Take care of yourselves.