A place to grow

Young Leadership

We believe that developing young leadership is an essential priority of our College as 'a place to grow'. Opportunities to develop leadership promote the development of self, of identity and of community.

There are many opportunities for students at Bacon's College to develop leadership skills, these include:


The Sixth Form College Leadership Team

Each year students are recruited to the Sixth Form College Leadership Team. This team runs events, leads initiatives, promote the College and provide support to the Faculty Senior Leadership Team.

The Leadership team are heavily involved in running the annual Advent Appeal.

Two members of the Team are appointed as Head Girl and Head Boy with a further four members are appointed as Deputy Head Girl and Boy.

Prefects and Senior Prefects

In Year 11, students apply, are interviewed and appointed as Prefects or Seniour Prefects. This team carry out duties around the College, run events, lead initiatives, and promote the College.

The Mediation Team

Award winning and professionally trained by Southwark Mediation, the Mediation Team provide support for students in resolving conflict and promoting forgiveness. Find out more about Southwark Mediation by clicking here.


Coach Bright Mentors

Working with CoachBright to build upon their existing services we have together introduced TeamBright. Sixth Form students are professionally trained to mentor younger students, to support them with English and maths and to develop resilience and good study skills and routines. This programme encourages younger students to have high aspirations of themselves and to set themselves personal short, medium and long term goals and then work towards them to achieve success in the world of work. Find out more about CoachBright by clicking here.


Franklin Scholars

The Franklin Scholars are outstanding student leaders, helping younger students make a strong start in secondary school through peer tutoring and coaching.  Find out more about Franklin Scholars by clicking here.

Tutor Councils:

What are the Tutor Councils?

Tutor Councils are part of Bacon's College Student Voice and are a place in which the adults in Bacon's College can hear what the students of Bacon's College think. They discuss ideas, issues and changes.

How does it work?

There are six Tutor Councils, each one consisting of Tutor Reps from two year groups. Every Tutor group has two Tutor Reps. The Tutor Councils are led by members of the 6th Form Leadership Team and will meet for the first three weeks of every half-term. If decisions have to be made, ideas from these groups are taken to the College Council; a group of Tutor Reps taken from each Tutor Council; the Tutor Reps will take it in turns to be in the College Council with the Head Boy and Girl leading the meeting. Adults will attend these meetings, depending on the topics discussed.

What was discussed last year?

  • Lunch time systems; queuing, food, Code of Conduct. This has led to meetings between our food providers and Tutor Reps.
  • Bacon's College Values; discussing and deciding upon the most important values. This led to the development of the 'Bacon's Golden Rules'.
  • Environment; each Tutor Council traveled round the College and suggested areas of improvement.
  • Belief in Ourselves; recommended ideas and Tutor Reps volunteered to be part of the assembly. The Tutor Reps wrote and presented in the whole college assembly.
  • Tutor Council - College Council; looking back at what has happened and what has worked/not worked and looking forward. 



Roll of Honour

We thank the Head Girls and Boys of past years and those currently in post for their service.

1992 Karen Buckberry and Scott Whitnall
1993 Kelly Fiveash and Lawal Afuwape
1994 Keely Clowes and Simon Dyer
1995 Laura Smeeth and Marlon Smith
1996 Kelly Wardle and Stuart Taylor
1997 Stacey Pepperrell and Luke Humphreys
1998 Joanna Castle and Ben Walker
1999 Harsha Patel and Carl Hassett
2000 Emma Bartlett and Ricardo Hyatt
2001 Zehra Ummak and Stevens Nicola
2002 Swabra Hathbul and MichaelAbeirwe
2003 Jody-Ann Taylor and Carl Duffett
2004 Pinar Parlar and Nobby Delee
2005 Gemma Garner and Marvin Makanga
2006 Yasmin Hassan and Volkan Parlar
2007 Jennifer Mensah and Terry Moore
2008 Eva Sharma and Alex Surguladze
2009 Lauren Scoltock and David Antwi
2010 Tara Millan-Brophy and Valentine Landeg
2011 Jodi Kiang and Joseph Ewing
2012 Lucy O’Brien and Che Nabeta
2013 Chuko Emanuwa and Tom Evans
2014 Mollie Widdows and Abraham Eniraiyetan
2015 Imhariaosoria Ughu and Tom Long
2016 Kezia Herzog and Nils Facey 
2017 Gloria Nkuliza and Ayuba Jeng
2018 Latonia Konadu and Hakeem Ahmed
2019 Zareefa Ahmed and Hosam Said Khafagi
2020 Suad Jones and Michael Newman