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Exam Information

Click here for the November/December Pre-Public Examinations Timetable.

Click here for the Year 11 Parents letter about the November/December PPEs.

Click here for the Year 12/13 Parents letter about the November/December PPEs.

Exam Entries:

For all public examinations you will have been issued an individual Exam Timetable.

On the individual exam timetable you will need to check:

    • Spelling of your full formal name
    • Date of birth
    • That the examination subjects you have been entered for are correct
    • That you are entered for the right level/tier in each subject

Please also on the Individual Exam Timetable you will need to check that you do not have any exam clashes and to make a final check that you have been entered for all relevant examinations.

Exam Equipment:

Once students arrive in the examination hall they must follow exam regulations which include:

Black pen (students are only allowed to write in black pen. Many of the scripts are scanned onto a computer for marking)

Calculators are allowed for some exams but they must not have lids with instructions; students will need to leave those at home or hand in the lids at the beginning of the exam.

Eraser, ruler and pencil. Any pencil case taken into the examination room must be see-through

Students may not use any correcting pens, fluid or tape or highlighters in their answers.

It is always useful to have a spare black pen and pencil.

Set a routine of study at home:

  • —Where will study take place?
  • —What time will study take place?
  • —Provide an area conducive to work; quiet, no TV, no noise, no distractions
  • —Limit internet access at home and check that social networking sites are not being used during this time
  • —Only allow access to sites that will benefit their learning
  • —Make sure your parents/carers know when your examinations are due to take place so they can support you

Click here for information about GCSEPod, a free revision resource

On the day of the exam:

Make sure you:

  • Leave in plenty of time to reach the examination
  • Have breakfast and a drink
  • Prepare all necessary equipment ready the night before
  • Ensure that you remain calm prior to the examinations. The best way to remain calm is to be well prepared.

Illness on the day of an examination:

We recommend that unless you have a very serious medical condition that you always attend public examinations.

If you are ill on the day of a public examination contact the College's Examinations Officer immediately by calling reception on 020 7237 1928 and stating clearly that you are unable to attend a public examination.

Get your parent/carer to take you to the doctor straight away and ask for a medical certificate or letter explaining your illness. In rare circumstances of serious illness awarding bodies may provide 'special consideration' when the examination has not been sat. Claims for special consideration due to medical conditions must be made to the awarding body supported by appropriate evidence from a Doctor within 5 days of the exam. 

Remember these are public examinations and if you miss an exam you cannot take it on another day.

If you need any further information about public examinations please contact:

Examinations Office: Ms Burgess k.burgess@baconscollege.co.uk

Assistant Principalr: Ms Tamufor a.tamufor@baconscollege.co.uk