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Exam Guidance

For information regarding 20201 Exams, please click here.

January 2021 Exams

Real exam, including Vocational exams, for January are still going ahead as planned.

Click here to view a letter about January's Vocational exams.

Dear Parents and Students, all January mock exams planned for years 7-10, and the Year 11 English Literature exam is postponed until further notice.

Students should only come in for real exams – please see the timetable attached. They should come in full school uniform with all of their equipment.
If your child is NOT on the exam timetable list, they should only return to school according to their current specified dates:

Year 11 and 13- 11th January
All students - 18th January

You can view the exam timetable here.


If you need any further information about public examinations please contact:

Examinations Office: Ms Burgess k.burgess@baconscollege.co.uk

Assistant Principal: Ms Tamufor a.tamufor@baconscollege.co.uk