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Year 11 Extensions and Holiday School

Extension and Holiday classes are run by Bacon's staff or partner organisations. They are either targeted at specific students who need additional learning time or aimed at whole subject cohorts in order to ensure they are fully prepared for examinations.


Attendance at after school extension classes are a compulsory part of the school day for Year 11 and the Sixth Form.

Attendance at Holiday Classes is also compulsory.

Extensions and Saturday School 7th October 2019

General Extensions Timetable

Monday 3.00-3.50pm Tuesday 3.00-3.50pm Wednesday 3.50-4.50pm

Thursday 3.00-3.50pm

Friday 3.00-3.50pm
All students- Maths All students - English Non-core subjects Science, History or Geography, Business PE


Saturdays – lists will be put on Show My Homework and Parents will receive reminder texts. Attendance is compulsory unless there is a valid reason. Please contact me in advance.