A place to grow


Our library’s mission is to see ‘more people, reading more books, more of the time’. The more you read, the better you will do in every subject, so it’s a really great idea to get into good reading habits right at the beginning the school year.

The library is a friendly place, and everybody is welcome. It is open before and after school, break and lunch every day for you to choose books, read and complete your homework. Anybody can borrow up to four books at a time, and our loan period is two weeks. You won’t be fined for overdue books, and loans are specially extended over school holidays. If you are finding it difficult to find books you will enjoy, talk to your teachers or library staff, and they will be able to help you. If you know what you want to read, but we don’t have those books, let your librarian know and she will get them for you.

The best way to get the most out of the library is to get involved! There are plenty of clubs and activities, plus if you would like to become a school librarian, or have ideas for projects you would like us to run, speak to Mrs Lloyd.

JSTOR Academic Journals

All students can access University standard resources by visiting http://www.jstor.org. You will not need to login. If you need to access JSTOR from a computer outside of school, please see Mrs Lloyd or see posters in sixth form.