Student Voice


What are the Tutor Councils?

Tutor Councils are part of Bacon's College Student Voice and are a place in which the adults in Bacon's College can hear what the students of Bacon's College think. They discuss ideas, issues and changes.

How does it work?

There are six Tutor Councils, each one consisting of Tutor Reps from two year groups. Every Tutor group has two Tutor Reps. The Tutor Councils are led by members of the 6th Form Leadership Team and will meet for the first three weeks of every half-term. If decisions have to be made, ideas from these groups are taken to the College Council; a group of Tutor Reps taken from each Tutor Council; the Tutor Reps will take it in turns to be in the College Council with the Head Boy and Girl leading the meeting. Adults will attend these meetings, depending on the topics discussed.

What was discussed last year?

  • Lunch time systems; queuing, food, Code of Conduct. This has led to meetings between our food providers and Tutor Reps.
  • Bacon's College Values; discussing and deciding upon the most important values.
  • House System; discussion and consultation with a Vice-Principle. The ideas have gone into shaping the system, soon to happen.
  • Environment; each Tutor Council travelled round the College and suggested areas of improvement.
  • Belief in Ourselves; recommended ideas and Tutor Reps volunteered to be part of the assembly. The Tutor Reps wrote and presented in the whole college assembly.
  • Tutor Council - College Council; looking back at what has happened and what has worked/not worked and looking forward.