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British Values Statement

British values are at the forefront of all we do at the College.

Through their day to day experience of the College students develop:

  • an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process
  • an understanding that the freedom to hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law
  • an acceptance that people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour
  • an understanding of the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination

 These British Values are developed particularly through: 

  • Weekly whole College assemblies – 6 half-termly themes addressing our British values and linking to our strong Christian ethos
  • Regular year group assemblies – students take responsibility for delivering content relating to our core values and termly themes
  • Regular House assemblies – where the community life of the College is developed
  • Tutor programme – linked to the assembly themes and developed in more detail
  • RE – all students study a full GCSE in RE
  • PSHE – delivered by a specialist teacher and in liaison with a number of outside agencies
  • Targeted workshops for identified students who may be struggling in some way
  • Set piece events such as the annual “Advent Appeal” where students take responsibility for fund raising for our chosen charity.

Students are taught to think morally and to distinguish between right and wrong.

Students learn about democracy through voting for representatives on the Student Council.  In the Sixth Form the student leadership team takes on responsibility for many aspects of student life.

The “golden rules” of the College promote respect for others and take as their starting point “do unto others as you would have them do to you” from Jesus’ sermon on the mount

Our behaviour policy establishes a clear use of rewards and sanctions when appropriate and the staff gives a clear reason why they are being given out. Positive behaviour to and from school is reinforced by SLT presence in the local community.

Mediation and forgiveness sit at the heart of the College and the College has a highly regarded team of student mediators trained in partnership with the Southwark Mediation Service.  This team has achieved local and National recognition – in 2016, representatives gave advice to a committee at the House of Commons.